Kelly Rowland Cannes red carpet incident

In an unexpected move, an usher beckoned Kelly Rowland twice, urging her up the stairs at the Palais des Festivals, sparking intrigue among onlookers.

As Rowland ascended, three ushers formed a barrier, curiously directing her to one side of the staircase.

While turning to wave at someone in the crowd, Rowland was met by two additional ushers, blocking her view and hastening her ascent.

In a graceful yet assertive gesture, Rowland touched the female usher’s arm, signaling the redundancy of such close guidance.

Despite Rowland's clear signal, the usher persisted, leading Rowland to seemingly admonish her once more before continuing.

The Cannes dress code once allegedly barred women from the red carpet for not wearing heels, a policy overturned after backlash in 2015.

In 2018, Cannes officials banned selfies on the red carpet to maintain smooth attendee flow, highlighting the festival’s stringent regulations.

In 2013, socialite Lady Victoria Hervey was reportedly told to move after lingering too long for photographs, showcasing the festival’s strict time management.

Rowland's composed and polite handling of the situation reinforced her public persona of elegance and professionalism.

The incident drew mixed reactions, with some sympathizing with Rowland and others appreciating the ushers’ commitment to their duties.

The encounter offers a fascinating glimpse into the complexities of managing high-profile events, balancing celebrity hospitality with strict protocol enforcement.